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Logistism: New Age philosophy  

Posted by iNDER

To emphasis on the fragility of life, as well as the continuous transformation of things, some people constantly look at the change and transcendence of life. People recognize people for a certain kind of work and they expect them to perform and produce in the same style, whereas some people constantly move towards transcendence. They try to probe the meaning of life through many religions by keep on questioning themselves and every part of life. They are not afraid to change, to do something new, to enter the unknown. They keep changing and constantly explore new ground, explore the unknown and dare to question everything. They try to find answers to their questions by taking logic and rational approach of life. Hence, they are logist and they follow logistism. Questioning the premises of whatever they engage with is central to their philosophy. They start with general people who are indoctrinated to certain religions and make a shell around them according to the doctrine of their icons. But they keep their eyes open for everything and try to find the answers from their own religion doctrine first. They realize the gap if they don’t find the answers and they tend to break the shell of indoctrination and try to find out the answers from other sources, who can provide them truth, who can provide them logic by keep questioning. Questioning if properly channelized leads to creativity. Even after getting the sources which could be icons for them like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison etc, they enhance their knowledge and propagate the same by following the path that few take. It is very important to connect with others who are on that kind of journey. Also there is fundamental frailty in all that someday all will disappear. So they also question of what will survive of them, once they are no longer here.

-iNDER (a logist)

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i must say tht the video is quite inspiring..
about the blog,mmmmm... i think i m contradicting my self nw coz previously i did not agree with it but after lookin at the sheer language ,its sounds interesting. mayb i shld really strt thinkin over it as u mentioned before:)
hope this comment is lykd by u;)