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Theory of Uncertainity  

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A conversation between Einstein and Heisenberg.

Heisenberg: "One cannot observe the electron orbits inside the atom. [...] but since it is reasonable to consider only those quantities in a theory that can be measured, it seemed natural to me to introduce them only as entities, as representatives of electron orbits, so to speak."

Einstein: "But you don't seriously believe that only observable quantities should be considered in a physical theory?"

"I thought this was the very idea that your Relativity Theory is based on?" Heisenberg asked in surprise.

"Perhaps I used this kind of reasoning," replied Einstein, "but it is nonsense nevertheless. [...] In reality the opposite is true: only the theory decides what can be observed."

We can easily see the rift between Einstein's intuitive and Heisenberg's empirical approach. Although Einstein's argumentation appears tricky, it is clear that he believes in a reality independent of what we can observe, which is in essence the view of realism. Kant's "thing in itself" comes to mind. - In contrast, Heisenberg believes that reality is what can be observed. If there are different observations, there must be different realities, which depend on the observer. Insofar Heisenberg can be regarded as an advocate of philosophical idealism, which states that the objects of perception are identical with the ideas we have about them. The idealist view denies that any particular thing has an independent real essence outside of consciousness. [Wiki 1]


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Basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure  

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"So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more dangerous to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun."
— Chris McCandless

Logistism: New Age philosophy  

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To emphasis on the fragility of life, as well as the continuous transformation of things, some people constantly look at the change and transcendence of life. People recognize people for a certain kind of work and they expect them to perform and produce in the same style, whereas some people constantly move towards transcendence. They try to probe the meaning of life through many religions by keep on questioning themselves and every part of life. They are not afraid to change, to do something new, to enter the unknown. They keep changing and constantly explore new ground, explore the unknown and dare to question everything. They try to find answers to their questions by taking logic and rational approach of life. Hence, they are logist and they follow logistism. Questioning the premises of whatever they engage with is central to their philosophy. They start with general people who are indoctrinated to certain religions and make a shell around them according to the doctrine of their icons. But they keep their eyes open for everything and try to find the answers from their own religion doctrine first. They realize the gap if they don’t find the answers and they tend to break the shell of indoctrination and try to find out the answers from other sources, who can provide them truth, who can provide them logic by keep questioning. Questioning if properly channelized leads to creativity. Even after getting the sources which could be icons for them like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison etc, they enhance their knowledge and propagate the same by following the path that few take. It is very important to connect with others who are on that kind of journey. Also there is fundamental frailty in all that someday all will disappear. So they also question of what will survive of them, once they are no longer here.

-iNDER (a logist)

Freedom to explore, creativity and a challenge...  

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The image is beautiful in its simplicity. A man rises from the crowd. He is an ordinary man, wearing ordinary clothes; the people surrounding him are looking at him and his face is aglow as he speaks. They too are dressed like him, in ordinary clothes. We cannot tell what he is speaking about, nor whether those around him agree with him. But they sit there, listening, letting him have his say

Independence means freedom… and being free means being able to do anything that one wants to at any time…

Independence is not just a signifier of personal freedom but also a constant reminder of the things which we as citizens are unable to achieve. At times it is due to our social obligations and at times due to self made taboos, that we shy away from doing things which are legally acceptable but according to us morally not feasible. Independence is believing in being 'out-of-the-box' and also believe in breaking all barriers and letting one spirits run free.
Believe in yourself and always be game to face challenges. Believe in writing ur own rule book, as I barely understand why the society has to tag our actions as acceptable or unacceptable.

One should also consider the freedom of perusing the freedom of speech, one of the biggest factors which matters to for independence.
Freedom also meant self accomplishment. Establishing oneself in a career which one would be proud to flaunt and one being extremely ambitious swear to make the most of life span.

Freedom leads to creativity, freedom leads to chaos, freedom leads to effect. NEEV this year theme also says about Chaos and effect. It happens only if have freedom to let ur brain waves flow freely.

Everyone has a potential for creativity, just as everyone show a potential for intelligence. Unlike intelligence, however, not many get to live up to their promise for being creative.

This is primarily due to the fact that one’s creativity is not properly nurtured.

Creativity, simply put, is the ability to generate something new and original. It means having the power to express yourself in your own way. It is not to be confused with intelligence or talent. It’s the freedom to express yourself.

So, this Independence day, enjoy the freedom of yours to move freely in this world to do whatever you want to do and explore your creativity. Removes the pressure of performing and get inspired by self-reliance at all times.

Lekin ek baat kehana to hum aapse bhool hi gaye…. Ghabraiye nahi hume kuch nahi chahiye… Hum to bas itana chahte hai ki aap Independence day ka celebration apni khushi se kijiye….. jo khushi is azaadi ki badaulat hi hai……

Happy independence day

-iNDER(in total chaotic mood) giving credits to


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Feeling of NOSTALGIA  

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M again trying to create new ways of putting into words the feelings that come from living in a community rich with friends and memories. I don’t know how the hell I get the time to do that. But this time nostalgia came in,.. NOSTALGIA, the want, and need, an element of magic and tranquility in what we read about the past and the longing it invokes. My stories are tinged with a touch of ethereal, that stuff that hazes memories and enhances the past, to make them a little more beautiful and endearing.

"Nostalgia, where the bridge is gapped between the people who once touched our lives and the lives we once touched. And I'm grateful for the space I'm allowed to occupy with memories gathered from a lifetime in my community. So , come with me now, and explore those memorable days gone by, days that rekindle happy memories of the way it was, or perhaps the way we wanted it to be." []

Now look at how we have changed, whether for better or for worse. We are older, have more experience, probably better off in terms of finances... but, there is probably one thing our life back then had that it doesn't have now, and that is carefree fun.

In recent days we have heard anxieties aired about the state of modern biz world. A sinister cocktail of junk food, marketing, over-competitive scenario and electronic entertainment is poisoning the most innocent of ages. Inappropriate Advertising is being closely monitored on networking sites which shows the obvious responses to the worriers' individual points and are given graded certificates of suggestions and guidance. They r bringing increased contact and communication, albeit in a format which can seem unfamiliar to older folks and foster solipsism(the philosophical theory that the self is all that you know to exist ). Modern marketing techniques are being manipulated increasing awareness and choice. The over-reaction is creating the opportunities for our young people.

Today's people have access to more diverse information than any before them being provided by so called “prevalent, reigning EYES”. We have also developed a healthy skepticism towards authority that, while annoying to some, bodes well for the future. The world is no longer as it was, which is prompting an appreciation of what has been gained as well as lost. We r encouraged to eat more healthily, but people r njoying their second home at other places. The frustrations, disappointments, anger and confusion, are kept to oneself and are doing everything humanly possible to maintain one’s dignity and independence, meanwhile neglecting own health and personal well-being, never taking time to relax, time we needed to recharge our batteries. Relaxation was a luxury we could not afford. We hved continuous stress and fatigue, and are facing a serious financial situation. Bet we just keep going.

Take a sober look at modern life by all means, but this moral panic is quite out of place.

"Nostalgia and good memories can be the only thing keeping you going during tough times. You can have nostalgic memories of times, places. Learning how to resurrect, enjoy -- and even make good memories can be a great hidden talent. Reach and get in touch with happier times and your inner child. Keep in mind that new good memories are always being created, and a few years from now you might be longing for right now." []

I have all received my education and m independent and self-supporting; my parents expected nothing less, and i did my best n doing best to make them proud. My father wanted it that way and my mother encouraged and supported me in every sense of the word. Therefore I m able to take my place in the world, be independent, and it is a a source of accomplishment for my parents.

Now in this festival, where m supposed to be somewhere else, life seems to be out of control as I m going from day to day doing our endless tasks of living. If i could not accomplish something asked of, i feel that I am a failure. I always put my family first, now it seems like its time for the family to stop and think about me.

I have to adapt to a life here, a daunting task in itself. But they never waver, they are the captain in the storm and are running a tight ship.

My Sense of Purpose  

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Having a sense of purpose in life goes a long way to boost confidence.We were born to fulfill God's purpose for your life. We were not created to live in a vacuum. Everything and everyone has a purpose and leads to an expected end.
A purposeful life needs to be developed. We have to work it. We may not feel like we have any purpose while out of a job, sick in bed, or elderly. But, that is not true! We really do have a purpose. It's just waiting for us to tap into it and reverse the inertia into full drive.

It is all related to the tools we already have in our possession.As far as my sense of purpose is concerned, I have experience, talents, and personality! These will be applied to my career, bringing up a family, or doing voluntary work. It is all about fitting in and feeling that i am making a difference in life.
A sense of purpose gives me a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that i am achieving something and getting somewhere. It gives me something to look forward to every day; a reason to get out of bed in the morning with a smile. A purposeful life puts a bounce in my step and makes me feel so good on the inside. It leads to confidence, accomplishment, and a happy disposition.

My purpose is staring me in the face! Grabbing a hold of it by sharing my expertise. Maybe i would like to express myself by writing articles or even a book. The world is still on my doorstep. Step over the threshold and connect. The internet is the easiest and greatest resource to get started - afresh! See you there!

LotR..... ??? wass dat !!  

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It is never a waste of time reading a book, although if you are over the age of, say, thirteen and think that LotR is a great work of art, you are indeed an ignoramus. Just because lots of people think something is good does not make them right and there's nothing modern about pointing out to others the error of their ways.

The standard for all all Nerd/fan based people united under LotR, this can lead to addictive reading parties, Epic battle scenes the reinact, and D-parties we enjoy while having a spoon up their ass.

Almost the entire focus of publicity for LotR was placed on the scale of its birth itself : 10 enchanted boyz, indignant, fulminated, enraged but decorous, comely,"de rigueur" ;and, a lifetime friendship. What remaining critical interest manage to penetrate this corporate balance sheet tended to be "dazzled" by special effects.

Don't be fooled by what other paople think about LotR, they probably enjoy Coke as well. I guess if I like Coke and Coke sells billions in merchandise every year, that must mean Coke is evil.

So wass dat LotR........

Now in a big, somewhat touristry "Mini Punjab", Good thing is that they have retrospection, which i feel, in the lobby! So (assuming I get motivated) you should hear a bit more from me soon.

I'll whet your appetite with a brief overview of today.


It means just to let go of your emotion and just rage out on somebody....