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The image is beautiful in its simplicity. A man rises from the crowd. He is an ordinary man, wearing ordinary clothes; the people surrounding him are looking at him and his face is aglow as he speaks. They too are dressed like him, in ordinary clothes. We cannot tell what he is speaking about, nor whether those around him agree with him. But they sit there, listening, letting him have his say

Independence means freedom… and being free means being able to do anything that one wants to at any time…

Independence is not just a signifier of personal freedom but also a constant reminder of the things which we as citizens are unable to achieve. At times it is due to our social obligations and at times due to self made taboos, that we shy away from doing things which are legally acceptable but according to us morally not feasible. Independence is believing in being 'out-of-the-box' and also believe in breaking all barriers and letting one spirits run free.
Believe in yourself and always be game to face challenges. Believe in writing ur own rule book, as I barely understand why the society has to tag our actions as acceptable or unacceptable.

One should also consider the freedom of perusing the freedom of speech, one of the biggest factors which matters to for independence.
Freedom also meant self accomplishment. Establishing oneself in a career which one would be proud to flaunt and one being extremely ambitious swear to make the most of life span.

Freedom leads to creativity, freedom leads to chaos, freedom leads to effect. NEEV this year theme also says about Chaos and effect. It happens only if have freedom to let ur brain waves flow freely.

Everyone has a potential for creativity, just as everyone show a potential for intelligence. Unlike intelligence, however, not many get to live up to their promise for being creative.

This is primarily due to the fact that one’s creativity is not properly nurtured.

Creativity, simply put, is the ability to generate something new and original. It means having the power to express yourself in your own way. It is not to be confused with intelligence or talent. It’s the freedom to express yourself.

So, this Independence day, enjoy the freedom of yours to move freely in this world to do whatever you want to do and explore your creativity. Removes the pressure of performing and get inspired by self-reliance at all times.

Lekin ek baat kehana to hum aapse bhool hi gaye…. Ghabraiye nahi hume kuch nahi chahiye… Hum to bas itana chahte hai ki aap Independence day ka celebration apni khushi se kijiye….. jo khushi is azaadi ki badaulat hi hai……

Happy independence day

-iNDER(in total chaotic mood) giving credits to

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