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My Sense of Purpose  

Posted by iNDER

Having a sense of purpose in life goes a long way to boost confidence.We were born to fulfill God's purpose for your life. We were not created to live in a vacuum. Everything and everyone has a purpose and leads to an expected end.
A purposeful life needs to be developed. We have to work it. We may not feel like we have any purpose while out of a job, sick in bed, or elderly. But, that is not true! We really do have a purpose. It's just waiting for us to tap into it and reverse the inertia into full drive.

It is all related to the tools we already have in our possession.As far as my sense of purpose is concerned, I have experience, talents, and personality! These will be applied to my career, bringing up a family, or doing voluntary work. It is all about fitting in and feeling that i am making a difference in life.
A sense of purpose gives me a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that i am achieving something and getting somewhere. It gives me something to look forward to every day; a reason to get out of bed in the morning with a smile. A purposeful life puts a bounce in my step and makes me feel so good on the inside. It leads to confidence, accomplishment, and a happy disposition.

My purpose is staring me in the face! Grabbing a hold of it by sharing my expertise. Maybe i would like to express myself by writing articles or even a book. The world is still on my doorstep. Step over the threshold and connect. The internet is the easiest and greatest resource to get started - afresh! See you there!

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